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The BSD Posse is the place for you if...

You believe in the power of community to create real connections and foster dialogue about important issues.

You nod vigorously when you hear almost anything that Brené Brown says.
"Empathy is a choice, and it's a vulnerable choice. In order to connect with you, I have to connect with something in myself that knows that feeling." 

You want to spread the word and help grow Burlesque Stripped Down into a fixture of the worldwide burlesque community!

You're interested in helping out with one or more of the following: updating social media, audio editing/engineering, promoting, SEO/analytics, scheduling, writing shownotes, transcribing, creating graphics, or anything else you feel you can contribute!

You have anywhere between 2-10 hours to contribute per week, including a weekly team meeting.
I'm looking to build a TEAM, not just a group of assistants. Let's grow together!

At the moment, the BSD Posse is a purely volunteer endeavor - including me!

(For those of you wondering, I have not yet made a single dollar on the work that I've done. In fact, I've invested quite a bit.)

However, I DO have some big ideas to start BSD on the monetization train, and once we have a team, we can start on these big dreams!

At the moment, all Posse members will receive FREE publicity for themselves and their troupes/shows/schools/events on the BSD podcast, blog, and social media.

Of course, we'll also all be learning from each other in the process, and as we start to make a profit, we'll all get cash money!
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Hi {{answer_33462538}}. What's your last name?

Can I get the link to your facebook profile or page?

What time zone are you based in?

Tell me a little about yourself!

Burlesque experience, what lights you up inside, career path, favorite pizza toppings, deepest darkest sexual fetishes.... whatever you care to share ;)
{{answer_33462538}}, how would you rate your interest in contributing to BSD's mission? *

And how would you rate your commitment to follow through on the tasks you take on? *

Which sounds more like you right now?

Please consider both your interest and ability to commit.

Can you tell us more about your choice?

How much time are you interested in contributing? What types of tasks do you think you would excel at on the BSD Posse?

Example tasks: tweeting, creating promo graphics on Photoshop/Canva, reaching out to and scheduling potential guests, split A/B testing, typing up episode notes for blog post, SEO research, listening to past episodes to pick out highlights, conducting market research...
What's one unique way we could promote the podcast, either on- or off-line?

What are your top favorite podcasts?

No need to say BSD - I know that tops the list ;)
If you don't listen to podcasts, that's ok too. But how on Earth do you make long car rides go by?!
What's the last book you read that had an impact on you? Why?

Finally, what would you consider your personal life philosophy, {{answer_33462538}}?

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all my questions, {{answer_33462538}}!
**Be sure you click the button below and then "Submit Application" to send all your info to me!**

Once you submit below, look for an email from me in the next few days.
In the meantime, take a sec to share the podcast, Patreon, and maybe even the Posse application with someone who would love it!

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